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lookalikes's Journal

Mirror Image
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Do you bear a striking resemblance to a celebrity? Are you constantly being told that you look just like a celebrity when you see no resemblance at all? Are you curious to see what celebrities the livejournal world thinks like? Then lookalikes is the place for you.
So hurry up and join, post your pic, and a little info about your "celebrity status". Just be sure to read the rules first.

1. Please don't ask for codes here. If you do, your post may be edited/deleted without warning.

2. Extremely long posts, large pictures, or large amounts of pictures must be behind lj cut.

3. Please don't post pictures of an explict nature here, not even behind lj cut. I don't want to have to make this an 18+ community.

4. Keep things on topic. I'm not going to be a big stickler about this, but no community promoting or anything like that unless you want to stick it on the bottom of your post.

This community is maintained by revolutiongirl.